The Great House Lip-Sync Battle!

posted Sep 30, 2015, 11:48 AM by Cathy Fields
October starts off with yet another House competition. This time the Houses will compete to see which has the most lip-sync worthy members! The Houses will pick groups of 3-5 members to form their Lip-Sync team. These teams will need to register their members and song with Mrs. Root. The teams, once registered, will have the week of October ​5 - 9 to prepare. They will be doing lip-syncing and choreography for one song. During the week of October 12-16 each group will perform their number at lunch in front of our judges. The winning House takes 50 points. Second place takes 25 points and third place takes 10 points. Scoring will be based on accuracy of the lip-syncing, choreography and costumes.

Good Luck!!