Super Bowl Week 2016

posted Feb 1, 2016, 6:22 AM by Beth McCullough
Chatham Charter students and staff are infusing some extra fun into the week of February 1st leading up to the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7. The theme of the week will be "Good Things Come in 50's" in honor of 2016 being the 50th year of the Super Bowl. Teachers are encouraged to find creative ways to work at least one Super Bowl-related item into their regular lessons each day.

Super Bowl Week 2016 Daily Activities

• Eye black & whiskers - K-12 face painting by art teachers & students in each building
• Tell us your team - Sign your name on your building's designated bulletin board to support your favorite team.

• Prepare for kickoff! - 8:00AM - Elementary students line both walls of their hall outside classrooms for high school students to come through for a "high 5"
• Honoring the tradition of tailgating - lunch on the lawn (grades 6-12 during their regular lunch periods)

 FanFest - Show your team spirit during a school-wide wave, team callout, and (for you Panthers fans) a group dab. Dr. Eldridge will also share a motivational "Keeping Pounding" at school and in life message.  (9:15-9:45AM in the gym)

• Where did they attend college? - Highlights on colleges some of the Super Bowl players attended (Students can explore NFL team rosters to see colleges their favorite players attended..There will also be a presentation available for viewing that focuses on Panthers and Broncos players.)

• 2016 Super Bowl colors day - Wear a combination of (Panthers) bright blue/black /silver OR (Broncos) orange/cobalt blue