Student Government Election Results

posted Sep 27, 2013, 12:45 PM by Unknown user
Thank you to everyone for a successful campaign and election process!  We appreciate everyone's efforts and positive attitudes throughout the last week.  The results are:

9th Grade:
President: Katya Langdon
Vice-President: Emily Palimter
Secretary: Ayla Perkins
Treasurer: Jacob Dekaney

10th Grade: 
President: Lexie Culberson
Vice-President: TIE: RUN OFF ELECTION between Auburn Allen & Alexis Earley (details below)
Secretary: Morgan Southern
Treasurer: Summer Gaskins

Run-Off Election for 10th Grade Vice-President: Candidates will have three days to campaign (Monday, Sept. 30 - Wednesday, Oct. 2).  All Sophomores should report to Mrs. Allen's Room on Wednesday, October 2 at 1:05 PM for speeches and voting. Results will be announced at 3:43 PM on Wednesday.

There will be a short meeting for all elected Student Government Officers on Thursday, October 3 at 8:30 AM in Mrs. Allen's room.

For anyone who may not have won this time around, here's a list of United States' Presidents who lost their first presidential election only to win their second!  :)

  • 1789--John Adams (lost to George Washington) became 2d President
  • 1796--Thomas Jefferson (lost to John Adams) became 3d President
  • 1808--James Monroe (lost to James Madison) became 5th President
  • 1824--Andrew Jackson (lost to John Quincy Adams) became 7th President
  • 1836--William Henry Harrison (lost to Martin Van Buren) became 9th President
  • 1844--James Buchanan (lost to James K Polk) became 15th President
  • 1856--Millard Fillmore (lost to Franklin Pierce) became 13th President
  • 1860--Andrew Johnson (lost to Abraham Lincoln) became 17th President
  • 1864--Ulysses S Grant (lost to Abraham Lincoln) became 18th President
  • 1888--Grover Cleveland (lost to Benjamin Harrison) became 24th President (after already serving as 22d President)
  • 1960--Richard Nixon (lost to John F Kennedy) became 37th President
  • 1976--Ronald Reagan (lost to James Earle Carter) became 40th President
  • 1980--George H. W. Bush (lost to Ronald Reagan) became 41st President
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