Service Opportunity - February PTSA Dinner

posted Jan 13, 2016, 6:06 AM by Beth McCullough
The PTSA is sponsoring a chicken tender sale on Friday, February 12, from 11:00AM till 7:00PM here at the school. This will be our BIG fundraiser for the year. This is an early release day, and you can go over as soon as you are out of class at 11:30. (Juniors and seniors who only have online classes can sign up for as early as 11:00.) Basketball players and cheerleaders have a home ballgame starting at 6:00PM. You know what time you need to report to the gym. So, you can help out with this right after school.

Please sign up for at least an hour or two, (more if you can and want to). Your help is greatly needed, and it will be a lot of fun. Students will be paired with adults on each team, but students will be able to work together as well.

Any student who wishes to sign up should visit the sign up genius link and specify custom hours in the notes if they can't work the entire 4 hour block. The PTSA is working on scheduling job assignments now. So it's important to sign up quickly, so they can organize. Below are some of the job assignments students will be involved with:
Plating food
Running food from station to station
Carry-out station
Drink station
Dine In assistance
Traffic monitoring (over age 16 and with an adult)
Continuous clean up