School Day Plan for February 12, 2014

posted Feb 11, 2014, 5:32 PM by Beth McCullough

Chatham Charter School will begin the school day on its regular schedule with the hope of being able to complete the school day before precipitation comes into the area.  However, administrators will be following weather radar and, if they see anything approaching our area earlier, will dismiss school with as much advance notice to you as possible.  We believe we will have worked through the technical difficulties with PowerSchool and SchoolMessenger and plan to be able to contact multiple phone numbers and email addresses you have on file with us should we have to dismiss during the day.  Your students will also be allowed to call you as needed.  We will post announcements online and with the news media.  As always, if the area where you live has different weather conditions than those around the school, please make decisions based on what is best for your family.