Reminder: Sophomore CCCC/Accuplacer Testing Next Week!

posted May 2, 2014, 11:48 AM by Unknown user
CCCC will be coming to campus next week for study sessions and to test for the Accuplacer. This is for those of you who missed the CCCC benchmark on one or more section on the PLAN test. You are REQUIRED to be here for the study session and the test (both of which will be here in the conference room) that you need. For some of you that will be both. I will send a separate email to you individually reminding you of the section(s) you need. 

Monday: Study Session, Math: 8:15 AM
Tuesday: Test, Math: 8:15 AM
Wednesday, Study Session, English/Reading: 8:15 AM
Thursday: Test, English, Reading: 8:15 AM

Ms. Liles