Pennies for Patients Drive

posted Feb 11, 2014, 5:32 PM by Beth McCullough
The Pennies for Patients spare change drive will start Wednesday, February 12, and run until Friday, February 28.

Incentives and announcements:
Daily announcements made by Student Government members starting Thursday, Feb. 13th- Friday, Feb. 28th
Mrs. Jourdan will collect spare change from classrooms on Friday, February 21st and Friday, February 28th.

Pennies war during lunch on Friday, Feb. 21st (multipurpose room and mezzanine) -- Each penny counts as one vote and every silver change counts as deductions. The rules are: Teams place pennies in their own jar, and paper money and silver coins into the jars of the other groups. This fuels the competition; pennies count positively towards a team’s total, silver coins and paper money count against a team. 

Penny = 2 pts
Nickel = 5 pts
Dime = 10 pts
Quarter = 25 pts
Dollar = 100 pts 

On Monday, February 24, there will be an announcement of leading homerooms and on Monday, March 3, announcement of homerooms that earned a gold (collected $300), silver (collected $200), or bronze (collected $100).

The homeroom that collects the most money will receive an ice cream party.

On Wednesday, February 26, students can pay a $1 to wear a hat for the day.

On Friday, February 28, middle school students can pay a $1 to use electronic devices during lunch for that day only.

Throughout drive students can purchase a card for $1 to write their names on and hang up in the main lobby in the lower building.