Official House Meetings - Wednesday morning - 8:15 a.m.

posted Aug 17, 2015, 7:59 AM by Cathy Fields
There will be official House meetings for everyone Wednesday morning at 8:15 am in their respective rooms. These are interest meetings to get the names of individuals interested in one of the 4 leadership positions that govern each house. The positions are Head of House, House Treasurer, House Scribe and House Warden. The individuals in those positions may receive additional leadership training opportunities as well as have a hand in guiding not just the direction that their House goes in, but the school. A brief description of each position follows;

Head of House
Represents the house to the House Council.
Has final say tiebreaker situations between the Leadership Circle.
Leads House meetings.
Delegates any responsibilities that are not covered by the Leadership Circle to additional members of the house.

House Treasurer
Tracks money the house receives through fundraising efforts.
Budgets with the Head of House for House-sponsored activities.
Coordinates with the faculty member assigned to his or her house for bookkeeping purposes.

House Scribe
Keeps records of House meetings.
Maintains a House web page and any social media accounts associated with the house. (storefront)
Bears the massive responsibility of preserving a House’s legacy for generations of students to come.
Social Media

House Warden
Gauges the mental state of fellow House members.
Oversees mentoring system within the house.
Helps report various data for points purposes.