Mornings: High School Building, Not Gym

posted Oct 24, 2013, 6:24 AM by Beth McCullough
High school students, please help us not have to take away any pre-first period freedom you have by being very responsible in the mornings.  We have had several staff on campus express concern about high school students being on the middle school hall and roaming/hanging out in the gym/middle school area (inside and outside).  Our designated campus space is the high school building.  

From this point forward we are going to keep gym bags (for sports) in the high school building.  If your bag needs to be stored before first period, find Mrs. McCullough, Coach Fields, or Mr. Nobles to open room 128 (between Fields' and Hayhurst's rooms).  

There is no reason for high school students to be in the gym or middle school hall before school.