Information on "Spam" in your Mail/Email

posted Oct 15, 2013, 9:26 AM by Unknown user
I wanted to give you all a quick heads up about "spam" that you might receive in your email or postal mail.  

When you take certain standardized tests (the ACT Explore in 8th grade, the SAT in 7th grade if you were part of the Duke TIP program, etc.), universities and some private companies can purchase your information from those tests.  They may reach out to you by email, phone or mail based on your scores, the interests you listed on the pre-test questionnaires, etc.  Most of this is legitimate.  A lot of times colleges or universities just want to pass along some information to you about their schools in case you are interested.  If you were part of the Duke TIP program, anything from them should be okay.

Some things are not legitimate, though. A lot of times these pieces of communication look very "official" (with seals, important-looking addresses, etc.), but they are actually trying to get you to pay a lot of money to be part of an "exclusive" program, camp or list.  If it looks too good to be true or is very expensive, it's probably spam.  If you receive something and aren't sure, feel free to bring it to me. 

Thanks and stay safe out there. :)

Ms. Liles