How to Calculate Your Final Course Grade

posted Dec 13, 2013, 8:24 AM by Beth McCullough

As you are ending your first semester of high school at Chatham Charter, we want to be sure you are fully aware of how a final grade is calculated for each of your courses.  Below is a step by step explanation for how this occurs:

Step 1: There are two grading periods per semester and a final exam.  Each grading period, your grade is worth 37.5% of your final grade.  Your final exam is worth 25% of your final grade.  Adding 37.5 + 37.5 + 25 = 100%, which is the total amount of your final grade.

Step 2: Calculating your final grade.  Let’s say you earned a 92 the first nine weeks, a 94 the second nine weeks and an 88 on the final exam.  Here is how the computer will calculate your final grade:

            First Nine Weeks                    Second Nine Weeks                    Final Exam

                        .375 (37.5%)                           .375                                         .25 (25%)

                      X  92                                       X  94                                    X 88

                        34.5                                      35.25                                         22

Step 3: If we total the points you earned in the first and second nine weeks with the points earned for your final exam, you will get your final grade for the course:

                                               34.5 + 35.25 + 22 = 91.75

Step 4: The final grade for this course is 91.75, which would round to 92.  This would give you a B in the course.

Step 5: If you want to keep up with your GPA, a B is worth 3 points.  If it is an honors course, you would receive a +1, so a B would then be worth 4 points.

If you have any questions about how your grades are calculated, please do not hesitate to ask your teachers, Ms. Liles, or an administrator.  Good luck on your exams!!!