House Competition: The Thirsty Games

posted Mar 11, 2016, 7:32 AM by Cathy Fields
This March the Houses will clash in the Thirsty Games. This event is tentatively scheduled for March 24th at lunch.

Each House can put forward up to three teams - a Team Alpha, a Team Beta and a Team Charlie. Each Team can have up to 10 players and no player may be on more than one team.

On the day of the Thirsty Games, there will be three rounds of competition - Alpha Round, Beta Round and Charlie Round. All players will need to wear their house shirt to be eligible to play on the day of the competition. During each round the teams will have a bucket of water balloons with which to eliminate the opposition. A player is eliminated when their house shirt gets wet and once eliminated, must leave the field of play. A House wins when they are the last ones to have dry players.

After the 3 rounds, the House with the most wins gets 50 points. If teams tie for first they receive 30 points. The second place team gets 25 points. Second place ties get 20 points. Third place teams get 10 points.

Once a player gets their shirt wet they should leave the play field immediately and drop all their water balloons. If they throw balloons after they are out, or if any player is caught being malicious on the field by pushing, shoving, or intentionally throwing balloons to the head, that player is removed from the field and additional players from that team are removed from the field as is appropriate for the offense.

Play continues until only 1 house is left. Alpha round the baskets with balloons will be positioned at the far edge of each team's area. During Beta Round the the baskets are positioned in the middle of each team's play area. During the last round all the baskets are next to each other in the middle of the play area. Plan your teams accordingly.