High School Veterans' Event

posted Nov 8, 2016, 8:35 AM by Beth McCullough
The high school will hold a veteran's event tomorrow morning (Wednesday, November 9) from 9:00-10:45AM. Students should report to first period at 8:45AM as usual. The speakers will focus on their military experience and how the skills they learned helped them be successful later in other careers. Some of the speakers were with us last year while others are new to the rotation.

9:00-10:30AM - high school students rotate through classrooms with veteran speakers

10:30-10:45AM - program (hopefully outdoors with the E. Randolph HS ROTC color guard and recognition of veterans)

10:45AM - Mrs. Key's 3rd grade class takes veterans to a classroom reception; high school students return to first period to pick up belongings and report to 2nd period