High School Student Schedules

posted Aug 1, 2014, 12:54 AM by Beth McCullough

If you have misplaced the 2014-2015 student schedule you received in May, please log in to PowerSchool to see your first semester schedule.   If you had any difficulty logging in recently, please try again.  Mrs. Fields made a system adjustment that we hope alleviated the issue. 

If you are a high school student who will be coming to Chatham Charter for the first time this year and do not have a copy of your schedule, Ms. Liles will be back on campus starting Friday, May 1.  Call (919.742.4550) or email her.

If you had requested a schedule change in May with Ms. Liles and do not see it in PowerSchool, call (919.742.4550) or email Ms. Liles on Friday for assistance.

NOTE:  Be aware we are still adjusting some teacher names (for Spanish courses and NCVPS courses) so you might see an unexpected name there that will change soon.

 (Supply lists for K-8 students are listed by grade, not course, so they do not need their daily schedules over the summer.)