High School Morning Lobby and Lunch Noise Volume

posted Aug 19, 2014, 11:11 AM by Beth McCullough
High school students, the number of students and noise level in the high school lobby before first period is an issue for people in meetings, staff on the phone and to visitors.  There are multiple gathering spots available to you before 8:45 AM, including the Internet Cafe and classrooms once teachers are there to monitor.  Please make better use of these areas instead of the lobby.

The volume of your combined voices on the mezzanine is disturbing the PE class in the gym.   (By the way, you missed getting to watch Dr. Eldridge taking the ALS ice bucket challenge at the end of our lunch period Tuesday as a result.)  We did not have this issue at all last year and need you to immediately correct the issue.  The increased number of students (80 to 134) should not be an issue because the 19 juniors were in a CCCC class during the regular high school lunch period.  We do not want to take "drastic" measures----such as sitting loud talkers at "silent lunch" tables, but will do so if necessary.  Be the responsible and respectful young adults you normally are during class periods.