High School Day Starts at 8:15 AM Thursday, Sept. 17

posted Sep 15, 2015, 5:03 AM by Beth McCullough   [ updated Sep 15, 2015, 5:05 AM ]
High School Early Release Schedule with a House Meeting: Thursday, September 17

8:00 AM       Next week’s lunch orders begin to be taken by Mrs. Fields in the office
8:15-8:55      First Period
8:58-9:35      Second Period
9:38-10:15    Third Period
10:18-11:05   Fourth Period
11:08-11:30   House meetings
11:30             (middle and) high school dismissal

1) All CCCC classes "trump" high school classes ----i.e. Students will attend their CCCC classes if they conflict with any high school classes.

2) Juniors, at 9:38 AM when third period begins:
        Group 1 will report to room 128 to work on individual assignments until 11:05 AM
        Group 2 will report to room 132 to work on individual assignments until 11:05 AM; and 
        Group 3 will report to Mrs. Allen's classroom for English III and later to either room 128 or 132 during fourth period.