Help Re-Build Our Bus Fleet

posted Mar 16, 2017, 7:23 AM by Beth McCullough

We have begun the school-wide effort to band together and re-build our bus fleet. Several of our buses are in need of being replaced. Everyone in the school uses the buses for things like field trips and athletics. So far we have been able to purchase a small 14-15 passenger bus, but we are in need of another small one and a full-size bus. Even if we are able to find used buses, buying those two is likely to cost in the range of $50,000. 

Here are ways in March that you can be part of this Together to 20 effort.

• One way to join the effort is through the PTSA envelope drive. Ask as many people as you can to donate. Every amount no matter how big or how small matters. 

            • St. Patrick’s Day (Friday, March 17): Give Some Green - Donate some dollar bills (or more) as you come through the car rider line or at one of our offices during the day. (You will also be able to donate at the high school drop-off point.)

            • Week of March 20thChange Our Buses – Donate spare change as you come through the car rider line or at one of our buildings at designated locations.a