College Essay Activity - Reminders & Details

posted Apr 24, 2014, 10:57 AM by Unknown user
Thanks, high school students, for being a great group during today's lunchtime activity. As a follow-up:

  • Everyone who did not give an answer to the college vocabulary game has to submit a brief essay to me via email. This is due by next Thursday, 5/1. Remember. college preparation is part of our curriculum so consider this an assignment just like any other assignment. 
  • You can write as little or as much as you want. I do expect you to try and fully address the prompt (as I'm looking at these to gauge your writing skills and readiness for the college application process) but don't stress too much about it. The purpose of it is to think creatively and try to stand out in a sea of college applications. I've already received 3 essays, so it's really not that hard!
  • You can't switch out your essay. If you were applying to a college, you wouldn't call the admissions office and tell them you don't want to answer their prompt and wanted something different, would you? (if you would, I would suggest reconsidering that thought)
  • There will be a small prize for the best essay for each question. If you were one of the students who didn't have to write an essay but you want to submit one for fun/to be considered for a prize, see me.
Thanks again!
Ms. Liles